For more information and for the latest revision of park rules, please contact the park office.

- Southwind Village is an Older Persons Park whose facilities, activities and common interests are geared to older persons. 55 years of age is the minimum age for residents.


- Mobile home lots must be kept neat and orderly and carport driveways clean of unsightly oil spills. Storage is not allowed on the carport or under the mobile home.


- Setting of plants and shrubs must be approved by management to assure that no damage is done to underground facilities. Damage to facilities caused by tenant setting plants without approval will be charged to the tenant. All plantings are to remain if tenant moves.


- No types of business or soliciting may be conducted in any home or anywhere in the park, except for the rights granted to residents of the Park in Chapter 723.054 Florida Statutes.


- Respect your neighbors, property and privacy. Avoid making loud noises and keep radios, stereos and T.V.s lowered at night. Do not cross through yards, use the street when going to and from the recreation areas.


- Posted speed limits must be observed: Drive and park only in paved areas designated for such use. No parking on lawns at any time. Overnight parking is only permitted in driveways or designated parking areas.


- Commercial vehicles, boat trailers, motor homes, campers and boats shall not be parked in residential areas except for brief periods for loading or unloading.


- Major repairs or Mechanical work on any vehicle is not permitted in the Park.


- Any breakdowns of laundry equipment should be promptly reported to management.




We are an equal housing opportunity provider. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion or disability.